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WBG Wholesale Program

Willow's Baked Goods has been successfully partnering with retailers in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island since 2020. Please fill out the form below so we can schedule time to try sample products and review the specifics of our wholesale program.


If you are outside of these markets you can still order our products through Faire.

Benefits to Offering WBG Products

It's what's on the inside

High-quality organic vegan and gluten-free ingredients prepared in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen gives your customers the confidence they can enjoy treats that tastes like they are homemade. 

Seasonal variety

Along with our core product line, the WBG bakery team comes out with seasonal offerings to blend in variety for customers and a bit of fun around the seasonal changes.

Dedicated fanbase

Great tasting vegan and gluten-free baked goods are sometimes hard to come by on Long Island. WBG has invested time in farmers markets and fairs across the Island to develop a strong following that will be potential new customers for you. 

Become a Retail Partner
    Yes, our direct wholesale minimum order are specific to each product but typically is 6 items per product. Keep in mind: All baked goods come wrapped and labeled. They have no preservatives. They have a 14-day shelf life for optimal taste. We recommend freezing excess baked goods and taking only what you will sell over the next few days out to display. From frozen the cookies need to thaw for a few hours. Frozen products will hold optimal taste for a few months.
  • DO YOU SHIP TO ....?
    Currently we work with retail partners in Nassau and Suffolk county, Long Island NY. If you are outside of these areas you can work with us through Faire. Faire requires you to set up an account if you do not already have one. They offer net 60 terms on all orders, free returns on your first order and $100 of credit + a year of free shipping if you're new to Faire! Please use our WBG Direct link to sign up.
    Local orders need to be placed by end of day Monday and deliveries are made on Friday.
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